Producer – Exporter of Dates Deglet Nour

GAZELLE Producer – Algerian date exporter Deglet Nour offers a complete range of dates: dates, trendy dates, ravier dates, conditioned dates, date dough…

All our dates are harvested and selected by hand with the utmost respect for ancestral traditions. We do not use any chemicals or fertilizers from the industry. Our methods of cultivation are very close to ancient techniques, in short, we let nature do its work without disturbing it or seeking to increase production.

We export dates after conditioning them according to your request.

Our dates are grown in accordance with ancestral traditions.

Who are we?

A rigorous, dynamic and reactive Algerian society

We are an exporter of Deglet Nour dates from Tolga. All our dates are grown in Tolga, Wilaya de Biskra, at the gates of the Algerian Sahara. Our company “Djen Djen Trade” markets our products under the brand name GAZELLE.

We offer many types of packaging, and we can also make custom packaging according to the demands and expectations of our customers.

Our Certifications

IGP Protected Geographical Indication

Tolga’s Deglet Nour datte has officially been awarded the Geographical Indicattion Label (IG) to provide geographical recognition and protection at the local and export level.

The IG Label attests that our dates have been recognized on the basis of a geographical indication and that we respect the specifications of the label.